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YPL pressure spray cooling granulator (Congealing Granulator) YPL series

Item Code:YPL series Features:(1)Spray drier(2)Pressure drier(3)Drying equipment(4)Drying machine(5)CA(6)ISO9001:2000(7)GMP
  • Description
Melt materials are pumped into the feed tube by pressure pump.The liquid materials achieve high pressure by high pressure pumpthe pressure could be regulated),enter in the rotating chamber from the tangential,the liquid materials gain rotary force in the rotating chamber,
under the law of conservation of spin angular momentum,Rotating speed is in inverse proportion to radius of the vorte;so,the more close to the axis, the greater the rotation speed, the static pressure is less,form air cyclone which pressure equivalent to atmospheric pressure in the middle of the atomizer,
The liquid form the Film Loop which Rotate around the air corehydrostatic pressure can be translated proaldynamic energy of liquid filmspray from the atomizer in high speedliquid film stretch and attenuation,finally, Divided into small droplets.
Ambient air enter into air condenser,The fine mist (the size of the mist can be controled) contact with the cooling air , complete the instant drying,and they Continuous cooling in the proces of drop downCooled materials discharge from the drying tower and the cyclone dedusterexhaust gas be discharged by suction blower.

Stearic acid agent, fat powder ect ,cooling spray.
after the temperature is lifted the set temperature in the condenser, pass through the hot air distributor,uniformily enter the tower.

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